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hello, spring cleaning!

I've been meaning to share my favorite CLEAN house-keeping products and tools for awhile--thankfully it's spring cleaning time! Today is the first day with all the windows open, and the fresh air is intoxicating. I'm thankful I've got the tools to clean our home without clouding it up with chemical smells or toxic fumes. I knew I couldn't keep using the same old cleaning supplies when I was dusting in our bedroom with Pledge one day, and when I walked in a bit later, I was hit with a suffocating cloud of fumes. That "Hawaiian Breezes" scent was a far cry from fresh and clean. This will sound like an infomercial, but I promise, I haven't been paid a cent.   I seriously just love this stuff. I am using links to my friend, Maribeth's Norwex page, but she has no idea that I'm writing this post. She's just another mama who loves the products, so you can support if you'd like! You can also buy directly through the Norwex site. Ninet

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